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WinKonz ?

Info about training with WinKonz

ADHD training with WinKonz

Concentration training for pupils (ct4p)

Concentration and spelling training for pupils (cast4p)


Training and support of concentration, spelling and ADHD

    WinKonz is a computer based program that helps children and adults increase and improve their skills concerning concentration and spelling. It can also help to reduce ADHD symptoms (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). 

    WinKonz has a long history of developing. Since 1982 Ernst Hartmann, a psychologist from Germany works on the question how it is possible to increase concentration especially by using a computer. For years he has been developing computerbased exercises. Daily he works with children, teenagers and their parents and thereby a continuosly evaluation and improvement of WinKonz is possible.

    WinKonz makes it possible to increase concentration within a short period of time. For further information click here.

    WinKonz can reduce symptoms of ADHD.  For further information click here.

    Find out how the concentration training for pupils works. For further information click here.

    WinKonz enables you to improve spelling skills.  For further information click here.


    Download WinKonz (demo version) and test it before buying and upgrading

Download Test version 9.3 up from Windows 98; also suitable for Vista, XP and Windows 7 ~ 2,9 MB

The demo version is mainly limitated in training time. You can test it and buy it if you like. Only a registration code is necessary in order to upgrade. 

More information on WinKonz


    It is possible to upgrade the test version inexpensively. Look here how to do this.